«Interpreters.travel – es un servicio que ayuda econtrar a intérpretes profesionales y hacer encargos de interpretación en ciudades y paíces de todo el mundo»
Oleg Kovalev, Kazán.

Comentarios de los clientes

  • «Bright and cheerful demeanor made Alena great to be around and easily engaged in areas that needed additional assistance. She quickly put at ease the counter parties in my discussions and made the interpreting process seamless.»

    Carl Eberling, "Encore Capital Group", San Diego, The US (March 26, 2017)
  • «Благодарен за перевод на выставке IFE 2017. Катерина очень приветливый и приятный в общении специалист. Михаил »

    Михаил Князевский, Россия (22 марта 2017)
  • «Я очень довольна работой Катерины, благодаря ей общение с британскими коллегами прошло легко и плодотворно. »

    Нодира Ядгарова, "Ташкентская Международная Медицинская Клиника", Тошкент, Узбекистан (21 марта 2017)
  • «Tatiana was extremely professional, efficient and took the time to learn our business and was active on our exhibition stand when we were busy. I would highly recommend her and we will be using her services again.»

    Thomas McIlhatton, "Innotech Control Systems Australia design", Brisbane, Australia (March 23, 2017)
  • «La Sig.ra Elena Zhuravskaya, si è dimostrata molto ben organizzata e professionale oltre che disponibile a risolvere alcuni disagi organizzativi che si sono presentati. Conosce molto bene la città e si è ben preparata per rispondere alle mie esigenze lavorative.»

    Andrea Vallasciani, "ELISABET srl", Monte Urano, Italy (March 21,2017)
  • «Tutto Perfetto, persona molto professionale. »

    Antonio Cappelli, "Kadeba srl", Italia (di marzo 20, 2017)
  • «Laura è stata puntuale e precisa. Ci ha aiutato molto.»

    Miriana, "Minitools srl", Italia (di marzo 20, 2017)
  • «Max provided an excellent service for myself and my team, in the context of an Industry that he had no previous experience in. So good was Max's contribution that the customer we travelled to Moscow to see, clearly regarded him as a member of our team almost immediately. I would recommend Max very highly indeed.»

    Jim Supple, "Metric Gaming LLC", London, England (March 19, 2017)
  • «El cliente se ha quejado de la interpretación diciendo que la misma tenía muchos huecos y no era exacta»

    Violeta, "INSITUM", Barcelona, Spain (March 21, 2017)
  • «Amira was superb in this job! I look forward to working with her in the future again! »

    Kadir Yildirim, "Rice University", Houston, United States (March 19, 2017)
  • «Sergio was an excellent interpreter and I would use his services again.»

    Cary Fontana, Barcelona, Spain (March 18, 2017)
  • «I have contacted Stanislav only couple of hours before my event but he handled the interpretation without any hesitation and the meeting was a success. Hope we will work together again.»

    Tomas Bella, Slovakia (March 13, 2017)
  • «I was really happy with Svetlana, who not only translated back and forth but also captured the essence of the conversation. She pro-actively engaged with the Ukrainian counterparts to ensure we got the full picture. She is a pleasant person to have around (which is important if you’re out together for whole day!) and managed her presence well in the sense that she understood when to step into the conversation and when not. Through her presence and professionalism, Svetlana made the language barrier almost non-existent.»

    Natalia Sadovnikova, Heineken®, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (March 13, 2017)
  • «As a Heineken International N.V. we had 2 days translation experience with Natalya: 1st day Veroniek - "A very open & authentic personality. She had a very professional approach and was ever so patient in translating every single question, sentence, conversation and even the jokes! Het translation skills were perfect despite the fact that she wasn’t an expert in the business we are in she was instantly capable to pick it up and translate everything in the right context. She also showed a pro-active approach by asking extra questions herself to further clarify discussions" 2nd day Craig - "I really think our translator Natalya was fantastic yesterday. She was engaged, enthusiastic and personable all day. She picked up on industry specific technical jargon very quickly and made sure the day ran very smoothly. She seemed personally interested in what was being said and really helped the conversation flow during the day. We should definitely work with her again."»

    Natalia Sadovnikova, Heineken®, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (March 10, 2017)
  • «Nice natured personality. Will need brushing up for interpreter work.»

    Juliana, "IP Office of Singapore (IPOS) International", Singapore (March 9, 2017)
  • «I would like to thank Andrea for all of her help and patients,my flight was late on arrival, and Andrea was a tremendous help to me for my connecting flight. I will without any doubt be contacting Andrea when I am next in China Thank you »

    Rob Ottley (March 10, 2017)
  • «excellent translator and an excellent addition to any visitor in Tokyo who needs help with the language.»

    Peter Georgiou, "SUPPER DELIVERIES LIMITED", London, UK (March 9, 2017)
  • «Ms. Pickert is an excellent interpreter. I hired her to help interpret for a doctor's appointment in Tokyo at a hospital I had never been. She helped me find my way, navigate unexpected issues (like the surgeon having a meeting and not contacting me or my employer), and helped explain the doctor's diagnosis. Even though the appointment took twice as long as I had expected, she stayed with me throughout the whole thing. I will definitely hire her for any interpretation help I need in the future, and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional translator.»

    James Aburto, Tokyo, Japan (March 13, 2017)
  • «A professional interpreter at business meetings. Highly recommended. »

    Juliana, "IP Office of Singapore (IPOS) International", Singapore (March 9, 2017)
  • «Ottimo, puntuale e preparata»

    Mirko Guazzarotti, San Giuseppe Vesuviano, Italia (d’mar 7, 2017)

¿Como eso funciona?

Buscar a intérprete y hacer encargp de los servicios – es más fácil que reservar una habitación en hotel o billete de avión. Si Usted planea reunión de negocios con socios extranjeros viaje turístico , visita a exposición sectorial, seminario o consulta en un hospital extranjera – Usted sin problemas encontrará un intérprete que corresponde a su ocasión y presupuesto.
Usted elije un intérprete y realiza un encargo.
En el ciudad necesario Usted selecciona un intérprete adecuado, por ejemplo, para las negociaciones con los socios extranjeros. Con su tarjeta crédito o PayPal realice el encargo para la fecha preferida. El encargo también puede ser realizado a la empresa, recibiendo la factura.
Usted recibe correo electrónico con el encargo.
Recibe información con los detalles del encargo y la información para ponerse en contacto con el intérprete. Si es necesario, Usted puede conversar con el intérprete por teléfono o correo electrónico (asunto, lista de los participantes u otras características necesarias para la reunión)
Reúne con los socios extranjeros, y el intérprete ofrece el interpretación.
Reúne con intérprete en la dirección elejido y avanza juntos a la reunión. Negocia con éxito con los socios extranjeros, y el intérprete le ayudará a hablar fácilmente el mismo idioma.

¿Porqué intérpreters.travel?

Es fácil buscar, es cómodo hacer encargo
Búsqueda fácil y encargo de los servicios de interpretación con tarjeta crédito o PayPal. Cancelación GRATUITA.
Todos encargos sin sobretasas de las agencias, por los precios de los intérpretes. Descuentos calculados en facturas. Sin tasas adicionales cobros.
Amlio variedad
Intérpretes en 3495 ciudades, 162 países de todo el mundo
Garantías de seguridad de los pagos, protección con el conexión SSL
Cambio de intérprete
En caso de fuerza mayor y la imposibilidad de intérprete de llegar a la reunión, buscamos rápidamente a otro intérprete.
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