• Traduttore ad un incontro d’affari
    a Los Angeles, USA - €125/3 ore
  • Traduttore in una fiera enologica
    Barcellona, Spagna - €115/5 ore
  • Traduzione a sussurata al seminario
    in Hong Kong - €350/2 giorni
  • Traduzione alla consultazione in una clinica
    di Colònia, Germania - €75/3 ore
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Interpreti verificati e sicuri e inserzioni dei clienti reali

  • «Sono pienamente soddisfatto del lavoro eseguito.»

    Stefano Zuban, "Iniziative Edili Bi Zeta S.r.l.", Trieste, Italy (February 18, 2019)
  • «You was amazing! Done a great job, very friendly and kind. Thank you »

    Nesrin Yildiz, United Kingdom (February 18, 2019)
  • «Francesca was terrific. She was capable, discreet and knowledgeable. She assisted me at a court hearing and her help was invaluable and just what I needed.»

    Robert Edmonds, "Edmonds & Co., P.C.", New York, USA (February 18, 2019)
  • «She has been extremely helpful, professional and efficient. Very proactive and managed to get done in a few hours what I thought would take a few days. Definitely the right choice to have hired her! She went out of her way to assist prior to my arrival to Korea, checking where I needed to go for some business transactions and driving me around. Could not have been more helpful, fantastic and don't hesitate to hire her for help.»

    Julia Rolph, Manila, Philippines (February 14, 2019)
  • «Rien à redire .serviable ponctuelle impliquer »

    Stienne, France (February 10, 2019)
  • «Excellent translation service in general. »

    Roberto Taiariol, "BENETTON GROUP", Treviso, Italy (February 10, 2019)
  • «Was very please with her service. Absolutely would recommend and ask for her again! Was the best you could ask for!!! »

    Ed Corey, Salt Lake City, United States (February 11, 2019)
  • «Very self-disciplined and helpful interpreter»

    Roman Chernishev, "NIKI R Investments", Caesarea, Israel (February 11, 2019)
  • «Excellent!!!!!»

    Terrie Greene, Milan, Italy (February 10, 2019)
  • «Excelente profesional y súper puntual »

    Mirla, USA (February 2, 2019)
  • «Merci à Katia pour son professionnalisme, son adaptabilité et sa réactivité dans le cadre de cette formation européenne. »

    Ms. Maud BOIS-GALLOU, "Réseau International des Cités des métiers", Marseille, France (February 5, 2019)
  • «Only perfect »

    Haiko Weber, "GIS Europe – Global i Solutions", Leipzig, Germany (February 2, 2019)
  • «Makoto was very professional and thorough throughout our time together. His technical background, combined with international sales experience, allowed him to contribute in a meaningful way. I would definitely use his services again.»

    Chris Sutherland, "Multy Home LP", USA (January 30, 2019)
  • «Marko and Olga are excellent interpreters. Very professional indeed, thank you for your approach to work»

    Silvia,"Britanica Business Services", London, UK (January 28, 2019)
  • «Manfred was great! He arrived on time, the interpretation was smooth and clear and he was also very personable. Muito obrigado Manfred!»

    Juliet Allen, "University of Cambridge", London, UK (January 25, 2019)
  • «Sarah was very lovely and I wish her all the best for the future »

    Catherine Nanai, Cheyenne, USA (January 29, 2019)
  • «Professional »

    Muss, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (January 25, 2919)
  • «Very good job. Anastasia is real professional. Thank you! »

    Konstantin, "Mindsync", Moscow, Russia (January 23, 2019)
  • «I was very happy for Mira service and I am looking for future cooperation.»

    Tomas Sieder, "Manesh Twisto Tech Europe", Pardubice, Czech Republick (January 21, 2019)
  • «Excellent work. Very professional, nice and helpful. Certainly recommend!»

    Eric Anton, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (January 21, 2019)