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Dolmetscher in Cartagena - Ruben
$224/8 Stunden
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20 years of work experience as simultaneous interpreter. Have participated in international business negotiations between Colombian entrepreneurs and foreign investors. Have worked in different forums and seminars in the fields of business, marketing, oil industry legal and more. Accompaintment to international diplomatic missions.
Dolmetscher in Cartagena - Jorge
$306.0/8 Stunden
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Spanish-English and viceversa, Portuguese-Spanish and French-Spanish interpreter, with over 38 years of experience. Simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation at conferences, seminars, fairs, commercial and diplomatic negotiations, visits to factories, etc. I also do interpretation and translation for individuals.
Dolmetscher in Cartagena - Juan
$150/8 Stunden
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I've been working with and for Americans for many years, I understand the cultural differences, business practices, and challenges you might encounter when you visit Colombia. I specialize in getting things done.
Dolmetscher in Cartagena - Rudolph
$83.0/8 Stunden
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Professional bilingual education with training, an expert in educational and academic processes, leadership and assertive management in educational organizations. Experience in interpretation in English language - Spanish in private meetings. Social Studies Degree and Master of Education Degree.
Dolmetscher in Cartagena - Cristina
$120/8 Stunden
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For the past four years, I have worked as an interpreter doing simultaneous, consecutive, and whisper interpretation. I also have over seven years of experience in translation. I am a psychologist, I believe this background helps me understand and accurately convey the message and intention of the speaker when I work.
Dolmetscher in Cartagena - Rodrigo Giraldo
Rodrigo Giraldo
$376/8 Stunden
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I translate from English, Italian, Portuguese and Mandarín, to Spanish, perfectly fluent, fast, excellent grammar, spelling, and syntax. I can take an exam if they want.
Dolmetscher in Cartagena - Bryant
$200/8 Stunden
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I am professional interpreter, working with English-Spanish and Spanish-English interpretation and translation in the city of Bogota and in the surrounding areas. I am qualified interpreter in English, I am currently studying political science in the national university of Colombia