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Dolmetscher in Rimini - Martina
$278.0/8 Stunden
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Unabhängiger Dolmetscher in Rimini, Italien mit 2 Jahren Erfahrung. Dolmetscher aus dem Deutsch/Englisch/Französisch ins Italienisch.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Valentina
$649.0/8 Stunden
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Freiberuflerin, Übersetzerin und Dolmetscherin. Hauptbereiche: Medizin, Verträge und Recht, Finanz. Mehr als 5 Jahre Erfahrung. Stärken: preäzis, flexibel. Verfügbar für Geschäftsreise in Italien und ins Ausland.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Anastasia
$649.0/8 Stunden
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Professional interpreter in Italy and all over Europe since 2007. Russian, English and Italian. Russian - mother tongue. Italian - native speaker proficiency. English - full professional proficiency. Spoken French, basic Spanish. Experience in real estate. Consecutive/conference interpreting and chuchotage. Sworn translations.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Natalia
$186.0/8 Stunden
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Business simultaneous and consecutive interpreter in Bologna - Italy, Events assistant manager, Retail sales assistant, Customer care/ sales assistant, Technical, commercial, financial, legal, medical Translator and Proofreader, Teacher
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Andrea
$208.0/8 Stunden
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25 years old, native Italian, graduated in Interpreting and Translation. My working languages are Spanish and English. I supply interpreting services from and into Italian, English and Spanish in simultaneous, consecutive and community interpreting.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Jessica
$321.0/8 Stunden
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Professional freelance Interpreter and Translator. Italian native, living in the UK since 2012. I hold a BA and a MA in Translation and Interpreting awarded in Italy and the UK. I work as a telephone and face to face interpreter and as a freelance translator.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Irene Isabel
Irene Isabel
$278.0/8 Stunden
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English - Italian - Russian freelance interpreter in Florence (Italy). Residing in Italy and England.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Elisa
$306.0/8 Stunden
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Professional conference interpreter AITI Associate member Languages: Italian - English - French - Slovak Simultaneous, consecutive, whispering, business interpreting, in Italy and abroad.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Roufina
$260.0/8 Stunden
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I’am an Italian Russian bilingual professional interpreter and translator. I offer DIFFERENT TYPES OF TRANSLATION INTERPRETING SERVICES IN ITALY & ABROAD- I specialize in legal, Juridical, CERTIFIED, financial, technical TRANSLATION and Simultaneous Consecutive Whisper and Travel Interpreting SERVICES
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Silvia
$704.0/8 Stunden
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More than 11 years of experience as consecutive and simultaneous interpreter. Interpretation, translation, technical lexicon, legal lexicon, business correspondence, participation in negotiations, interpretation at exhibitions, personal assistant.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Angelica
$389.0/8 Stunden
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I am professional private interpreter, working with English, Italian and Russian interpretation and translation in the cities of Reggio nell Emilia, Rimini, Modena, Florence, Milan, Bologna and other cities of Italy.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Nicola
$579.0/8 Stunden
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Since the year 2000 I have been working as a freelance interpreter in Bologna with my two working languages. I had several experiences both as a simultaneous and as a consecutive interpreter.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Ksenia
$464.0/8 Stunden
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4 years of experience as liaison and consecutive interpreter (Italian-Russian-English) at negotiations, meetings and international exhibitions as SICAM and Autopromotec. Worked as interpreter with Arrital, Arpa Industriale, Aquarama, Monte Carlo Yachts.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Alexandra
$195.0/8 Stunden
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Russian - English, Russian - Italian, English - Italian freelance translator/interpreter in San Marino.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Eleonora
$770.0/8 Stunden
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I am a professional interpreter, working with English-French and Italian in the cities of Rimini, Bologna, Rome, Ancona, Milan. I provide simultaneous, consecutive, whispered interpreting as well as for escorting clients on site or when travelling abroad. I do translate from Croatian into italian.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Maria Laura
Maria Laura
$408.0/8 Stunden
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Interpreter and translator for Russian, Italian and French. Written translations from English into Italian. I work in Italy as well as abroad. Young member of the Italian Association of Interpreters and Translators. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretations, sworn translations.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Valeria
$389.0/8 Stunden
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I am a professional Interpreter and traslator in all the directions Russian - Italian - English. I adore interpreting! I have dealt with many sectors through the years, but I believe that technical and commercial sectors are my favorite. For translation I use SDL Trados, and for drawings in Autocad I use ZTrad.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Ilaria
$343.0/8 Stunden
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Professional interpreter living in France. Italian & French native with a M.A. Degree in Conference Interpreting and Translation, I speak English & Spanish fluently. I have a lot of experience in exhibitions and professional meetings. I'm available in Paris but I don't mind travelling. I also am a translator and creative content writer.
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Anastasia
$232.0/8 Stunden
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I first approached to translation projects during my studenthood: translating at the negotiations & the exhibitions. Nowadays I live in Italy and my knowledge of Italian language (C2) permits me to cope well with the translations of the different degree of difficulty. I do the oral and the written translations on the different subjects
Dolmetscher in Rimini - Alice
$324.0/8 Stunden
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I attended several schools in different cities and countries: -SSML Carlo Bo of Florence - Bachelor's Degree in Linguistic Mediation -ISTI of Brussels - Bachelor's Degree in Interpretation and Translation -UCC of Cork - Erasmus for 4 months -UNINT of Rome - Master's Degree in Interpreting and Translation
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