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Cтоимость за 8 часов (с 10:00 до 18:00 - 16 июля), с учетом скидок. Изменить дату, время?
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Переводчик в Сан-Диего - Adriana
$296/8 часов
I have over 6 years of telephonic interpreting and more than 7 onsite medical/ administrative interpreting.
Переводчик в Сан-Диего - Eduardo
$136/8 часов
Discount arrow -23 %
Freelance interprerter with experience in this market for about 2 years. We have especialized professionals and commited with the quality of our services. Our company it's prepared to attend clients from small and medium size, always offering an smart and economic solution for whom needs to translate theirs most important documents.
Переводчик в Сан-Диего - Ximena
$168/8 часов
Discount arrow -32 %
Studied translation in UABC Mexicali (Universidad Autonoma de Baja California) Worked as english teacher and tutor for elementary school Works as English-Spanish Interpreter over the phone since june 2015
Переводчик в Сан-Диего - Emilio
$88/8 часов
Discount arrow -39 %
6yr work experience in the USA, 7years of studying in USA, under a students visa, cx servie and interprpetations started at Hilton Hotel, by accident, experienced telemarketing sales and tech support agent.