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Interprete a Nanchino - Артем
€209.0/8 ore
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Переводчик с техническим и языковым образованием. Проживаю в Китае на постоянной основе с 2003-го года. Сотрудничаю с российскими фирмами и частными лицами в качестве переводчика и (или) представителя как на временной так и на постоянной основе。
Interprete a Nanchino - Daria
€223.0/8 ore
Shanghai interpreter with three higher educations. My fluent Chinese, English and Russian help me to work as an interpreter at business meetings, trades, exhibitions, during online communication between partners. I can also arrange and control the shipping of production from Chinese factories.
Interprete a Nanchino - Irina
€140.0/8 ore
Переводчик в Шанхае с техническим образованием. Проживаю в Китае с 2011 года. Знание особенностей китайского менталитета, дипломатичность и стрессоустойчивость. Хороший переговорщик. Предоставляю услуги перевода на выставках, при посещении фабрик и проведении переговоров. Рабочие языки английский (TOEFL), китайский (HSK 5).
Interprete a Nanchino - Wei
€186.0/8 ore
Discount arrow -17 %
From June 2016 I start my career as freelancer. I can provide translation for exhibitions, meetings and all the business situations, and Im ready to visit all the city as your requestion.
Interprete a Nanchino - Andriy
€149.0/8 ore
Discount arrow -43 %
My name is Andrew, I am graduate of Tongji University. I took up translation and business negotiation as a career after majoring in Chinese language and International trade. I completed my bachelor education two years ago. I am currently living and working in Shanghai.
Interprete a Nanchino - Vasily
€119.0/8 ore
Interpreter at exhibitions, negotiations, conferences in Shanghai. Rich experience in dealing with Chinese companies, quality control checking, work with documentation, familiar with the procedure of international cooperation. Chinese Level - 6 (highest), interpreting experience - 8 years.
Interprete a Nanchino - Lesya
€156.0/8 ore
Russian-chinese-english interpreter in Shanghai
Interprete a Nanchino - Peter
€140.0/8 ore
Discount arrow -25 %
More than 5 years of experience as consecutive and simultaneous interpreter in Shanghai. Interpretation, translation, technical lexicon, legal lexicon, business correspondence, participation in negotiations, interpretation at exhibitions, the personal assistant (assistant).
Interprete a Nanchino - Nodir
€109.0/8 ore
Discount arrow -9 %
Professional translator (Freelancer) in China. I have been living in China more than 6 years. During this period of my life in China I have gained deep knowledge of Chinese culture and way of doing business. Futhermore I had a detailed excperience in leading business negotiations amoung foreign and Chinese Entrepreneurs.
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Interprete a Nanchino - Dalel
€124.0/8 ore
Discount arrow -6 %
I am a professional translator / interpreter and business consultant in Shanghai. Learning Chinese 7 years old, fluent in both Chinese and English.