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Costo per 8 hours (dalle 10:00 alle 18:00 - di febbraio 18), sconto compreso. Cambi la data, ora?
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Interprete a Hefei - Zhu Lin
Zhu Lin
$140/8 ore
Freelance interpreter in Qingdao - China, working with English - Chinese - Chinese languages in various fields
Interprete a Hefei - Wei
$200/8 ore
Discount arrow -38 %
From June 2016 I start my career as freelancer. I can provide translation for exhibitions, meetings and all the business situations, and Im ready to visit all the city as your requestion.
Interprete a Hefei - Wei
$76.0/8 ore
Discount arrow -16 %
I know the mentality of the two countries,russia and china. 10 years of work experience. I Worked for three years in a joint venture in Russia. Now a freelance translator. Have the experience of visiting factories, exhibitions and negotiations at various levels. I will be glad to start cooperation with You!