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Gesamtpreis für 8 Stunden (von 10:00 bis 18:00 - 14 September), inklusive Rabatt. Datum, Zeit ändern?
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Dolmetscher in Straßburg - Andrea
$483.0/8 Stunden
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Qualified and experienced Italian native, french<>english Interpreter
Dolmetscher in Straßburg - Anastasia
$387.0/8 Stunden
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Professional interpreter in Italy and all over Europe since 2007. Russian, English and Italian. Russian - mother tongue. Italian - native speaker proficiency. English - full professional proficiency. Spoken French, basic Spanish. Experience in real estate. Consecutive/conference interpreting and chuchotage. Sworn translations.
Dolmetscher in Straßburg - Maria Laura
Maria Laura
$483.0/8 Stunden
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Interpreter and translator for Russian, Italian and French. In Italy as well as abroad. Member of the Italian Association of Interpreters and Translators. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretations, sworn translations.
Dolmetscher in Straßburg - Giulia
$242.0/8 Stunden
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Conference interpreter in London working with languages: Italian, French, English and Portuguese. I have been a freelance interpreter and translator since 2011. These are my areas of expertise: economics, finance, trade, environment, society, tourism, ecology and human rights. Here is a list of my main professional achievements.
Dolmetscher in Straßburg - Alberto
$260.0/8 Stunden
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Professional, highly qualified, conference and public services interpreter. LANGUAGES: Italian, German, English, Portuguese. WORK: extensive experience as conference, liaison, community, telephone interpreter in many countries. EDUCATION: BA linguistic mediation, MA Conference Interpreting, course Community interpreting 1 PUBLICATION