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Interprète à Koweït - Sarah
$536/8 heures
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3 years simultaneous and consecutive interpretation experience with UN agencies, NGOs and governmental institutions in the Middle East, including summit conferences, high level meetings, legal events and field visits. I also have 8 years of experience in written translation for private and corporate clients, in a wide range of subjects.
Interprète à Koweït - Deena Moghrabi
Deena Moghrabi
$427.0/8 heures
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In addition to Arabic and English languages , I have very good command of German language. I worked in numerous events with high-profile clients, including the US department of State and an EU Twinning project. I have solid knowledge of various fields including security and anti-terrorism efforts, WMD , trade controls and many others.
Interprète à Koweït - Mohammed
$400/8 heures
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Key personal attributes: 1.​ Presentable & highly organized. 2.​ Pleasant personality. 3.​ Multi lingual. 4.​ Self motivated. 5.​ Excellent interpretation & translation skills. 6.​ Acquainted with military and police terms, acronyms and abbreviations 7.​ Great legal background.