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About interpreters in Venice

What cases?

Interpreters/translators services in Venice (Italy) are needed in many cases. First of all that is interpreting at negotiations or exhibitions, visits to local companies or factories. Translators/interpreters in Venice (Italy) are needed to visit at conferences, seminars, presentations. Interpreting services in Venice clinics aren't less popular. In most cases an interpreter is the irreplaceable assistant. There are translators/interpreters in Venice (Italy) with various qualifications, experience, a combination of target languages and services rates on this page, therefore you can order interpretation/translation services for any cases.

How to choose?

All translators/interpreters in Venice (Italy) published on can provide interpreting at negotiations, exhibitions or accompany you during your trip in Venice (Italy) and also translation services. You can choose an interpreter in Venice (Italy) provided interpreting services at conferences or seminars, if you need interpreting services at conferences or seminars with simultaneous interpretation and special equipment. For interpreting at medical centers it is better to address interpreters of the corresponding profile providing interpreting service at clinics.

Venice translators/interpreters are providing English-Italian consecutive, simultaneous interpreting and also translation services. Other combinations of target languages are available as well in

Many interpreters in Venice (Italy) can offer additional services such as picking up at the airport, transfer by own or rented car, services of a city guide and consultant on various questions. Such services may be included in the rates or be paid additionally. This must be agreed in advance.

To get the best quality, choose a Venice interpreter/translator having experience in specialization needed for you or similar subject. It is important, if you provide documents, your website links, your partners website links or other resources helping interpreters to prepare and to provide the best interpreting quality.


Translators/interpreters in Venice (Italy) get an expert assessment of, verify a phone number and an e-mail address, provide documents on education and an identity card, and also have excellent customer reviews who have made and paid orders by

How to order?

To order services, select a translator/interpreter in Venice (Italy) that best suits your case. Send a message with a preliminary request through the "Contact interpreter" form on the interpreter page. In the request, indicate the date (s) and time when you need an interpreter, languages, subject and type of event, so that the interpreter confirms the possibility of working at your event. Then you can book the indicated date and discuss with the interpreter the details of the work.

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Interpreter in Venice - Francesca
€800/8 hours
Discount arrow -33 %
Professional interpreter with 8 years of experience, based in Venice and Verona. I provide simultaneous, consecutive and negotiation interpretation services to enterprises and private people. I'm italo-argentinian. My languages: German, French, Spanish, English. Strengths: reliability, confidentiality, speed, politeness.
Interpreter in Venice - Olga
€850/8 hours
I am law graduated ad have a Master Degree in Business and Administration. My first language is Russian, I live and work in Italy for almost 10 years and i perfectly speak Italian. I've been working for years as Area Export Manager using all the languages i know. I participated at many exhibition, technical courses, presentation.
Interpreter in Venice - Ute Maria
Ute Maria
€800/8 hours
Discount arrow -17 %
Lawyer-linguist & certified translator and interpreter
Interpreter in Venice - Vera
€824/8 hours
Discount arrow -31 %
Since 2005 I have been working as a freelance conference interpreter and translator in Rome, Milan, other cities of Italy and abroad. I provide language support during business trips and tours to factories in Italy and abroad. Furthermore, I can organise and coordinate teams of interpreters for international conferences.
Interpreter in Venice - Mara
€800/8 hours
Discount arrow -19 %
Beside my work as a liaison interpreter, I have acquired experience as a conference interpreter too. I can work both in the consecutive and in the simultaneous mode, from Spanish into Italian, from Italian into Spanish, as well as from English into Italian and the other way around, from Italian into English.
Interpreter in Venice - Clothilde
€800/8 hours
Discount arrow -67 %
French mother tongue interpreter and translator in Milan - Italy translating from and to English, French and Italian.
Interpreter in Venice - Valentina
€800/8 hours
Discount arrow -67 %
Free-lance translator and interpreter. Main fields: legal, finance and medical. More than give years of expertise. Strengths: punctual and flexible. Available for business trips in Italy and abroad.
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Interpreter in Venice - Carsten
€760/8 hours
Discount arrow -5 %
18 years of full time freelance experience in conference/consecutive/whisper interpretation as well as translation of a large variety of documents, from contracts to manuals and marketing material
Interpreter in Venice - Alessio
€680/8 hours
Discount arrow -43 %
I am an Italian (native speaker) professional freelance interpreter and translator. My languages of work are Italian, English and French. I graduated in one of the two official Italian Universities for Interpreters and Translators (SSLMIT - Forlì).
Interpreter in Venice - Alessandra
€640/8 hours
Discount arrow -47 %
I am a professional Italian full-time conference interpreter and translator (a freelancer ) for more than 6 years now. I provide interpretation services in Padua, Bologna, Milan and other cities in Italy. My language combination are EN>IT and ES>IT.
Interpreter in Venice - Ileana
€1120/8 hours
Discount arrow -13 %
I have been a professional translator and interpreter since 2006. My mission is to guarantee attention to detail and on-time delivery for each job assigned to me. Why choose me? I can help you: 1) boost your sales 2) reach your target market 3) handle your commercial relationships with the right approach
Interpreter in Venice - Natalino
€680/8 hours
Discount arrow -15 %
I am a professional interpreter/translator Italian-English/English-Italian, with over 15 years of working experience. Simultaneous translation is what I enjoy the most, for I find it extremely challenging. I have a great passion for movies, thanks to my job I had the chance to work with a few Hollywood people, it was awesome!