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Interpreter in Seville - María
$307.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -22 %
An accurate, reliable and talented translator and interpreter, building on more than ten years’ experience; accustomed to representing eminent international organisations such as the UN or the World Council of Churches (WCC).
Interpreter in Seville - Andreas
$878.0/8 hours
Fully bilingual interpreter DE/ES and with EN/PT/IT as passive languages. Full time availability and prepared to travel to any Country. 25 years experience translating and interpreting
Interpreter in Seville - Natalia
$351.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -20 %
I started working as a conference interpreter in 2003. 700 days interpreted so far. English<>Spanish & French<>Spanish. Specialized in Water Management issues, but also in social ones, transports, logistics, nanotechnology, genetic engineering, health&safety at work, tourism. Live in Madrid but ready to travel across Europe.
Interpreter in Seville - Angela
$526.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -8 %
Since 1987 I have been working as free-lance interpreter for the Italian, Spanish, French and American markets at several congresses, meetings, press conferences, workshops, European work councils, annual shareholders meetings on behalf of public and private companies and institutions.
Interpreter in Seville - Naia
$351.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -20 %
Bachelors Degree and MA in Translation and Interpreting. Post Graduate Diploma in Conference Interpreting (Bidirectional Spanish English) Six- years experience in translation in several fields. Appointed Sworn Translator and Interpreter by the Spanish Ministry of Foreing Affairs and Cooperation. Bilingual Spanish-English.
Interpreter in Seville - Emily
$307.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -8 %
Being bilingual in English and Italian from birth I offer translations, consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting from English into Italian, and from Italian and Spanish to English, as well as proofreading and transcribing English.
Interpreter in Seville - Ingrid Johanna
Ingrid Johanna
$200/8 hours
Discount arrow -17 %
Hi! I am Ingrid. My years of experience stellar work ethic and expert interpretation and translation skills position me as an ideal interpreter for your unique project. Document(s) translation is included in the price. I have full availability in the US. In Barcelona, Spain (June - August).
Interpreter in Seville - Pasquale
$526.0/8 hours
A highly motivated, reliable and service-minded linguist with extensive experience in Marketing, IT, Legal, Business-Finance and European Union projects. A full-time translator, proof-reader since 2008. A full-professionl conference interpreter since 2010.
Interpreter in Seville - Marta
$439.0/8 hours
PROFESSIONAL INTERPRETER with over 10 years experience Studies in Philology, Business and Diplomatic Protocole Recommendations from clients: Santander Bank, Mars, Mondelez, Iturri, public administration and European Organizations (Joint Research Institute)
Interpreter in Seville - Sonia
$377.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -14 %
Hello! I am Sonia, a professional interpreter and translator. I have an European Master in Public Services Interpreting. I also have experience as a freelance interpreter working for companies and institutions such as OFILINGUA, Alide Interpreters, University of Alcalá de Henares or the British Consulate in Murcia . ​
Interpreter in Seville - Montserrat
$571.0/8 hours
I am a freelance conference interpreter based in Barcelona. I offer simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpretation. My main fields of expertise are the automotive industry, law & finance, environment, culture and museums, gastronomy and tourism. I am passionate about languages and intercultural communication. I love my job!
Interpreter in Seville - Dr. Esther
Dr. Esther
$615.0/8 hours
EN,FR<>ES Freelance Conference Interpreter (Simult., consec., whispered, liaison)