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Interpreter in Ravenna - Natalia
€160/8 hours
Simultaneous and consecutive business interpreter and legal and sworn translator with a BA in linguistics, providing services in Italy and throughout wider-Europe. Experienced in the technical, commercial, financial, medical, scientific, sales and fashion sectors.
Interpreter in Ravenna - Victoria
€224/8 hours
Discount arrow -7 %
I am a professional guide and interpreter, working with Italian - Russian and Russian - Italian interpretation. English is also used. I Provide interpretation services at business meetings, exhibitions and other events, and also excursion in Bologna and other cities in Italy.
Interpreter in Ravenna - Roufina
€208/8 hours
Discount arrow -16 %
I’am an Italian Russian bilingual professional interpreter and translator. I offer DIFFERENT TYPES OF TRANSLATION INTERPRETING SERVICES IN ITALY & ABROAD- I specialize in legal, Juridical, CERTIFIED, financial, technical TRANSLATION and Simultaneous Consecutive Whisper and Travel Interpreting SERVICES
Interpreter in Ravenna - Оксана
€104/8 hours
Экскурсии и сопровождение клиентов на шоппинг в аутлетах , фабриках и складах по всей Италии. (на собственном 7- местном автомобиле VW Sharan) Языки перевода (письменный, устный): русский - итальянский, итальянский - русский; украинский - итальянский, итальянский - украинский.
Interpreter in Ravenna - ИРИНА
€280/8 hours
Услуги перевода синхронного, последовательного, шушутаж в Италии. Имею большой опыт работы на выставках и переговорах в Италии. Проживаю непосредственно в Болонье,
Interpreter in Ravenna - Maria Laura
Maria Laura
€342/8 hours
Discount arrow -29 %
Interpreter and translator for Russian, Italian and French. Written translations from English into Italian. I work in Italy as well as abroad. Young member of the Italian Association of Interpreters and Translators. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretations, sworn translations.
Interpreter in Ravenna - Filippo
€320/8 hours
I graduated at the Faculty of Interpreting and Translation at the University of Bologna. I now work both as a translator and interpreter (consecutive and simultaneous) for trade shows and conferences. I work both in Italy and abroad (so far in Austria at the OSCE and in Estonia).