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Interpreter in Pistoia - Anastasia
€560/8 hours
Professional interpreter in Italy and all over Europe since 2007. Russian, English and Italian. Russian - mother tongue. Italian - native speaker proficiency. English - full professional proficiency. Spoken French, basic Spanish. Experience in real estate. Consecutive/conference interpreting and chuchotage. Sworn translations.
Interpreter in Pistoia - Veronika
€320/8 hours
Long time experience of private practice of interpretation in Italy. I provide all types of interpretation and translation, including the corporate negotiations. I have a considerable experience of interpretation in areas of exhibitions in various categories, economies in general and the international commercial relations.
Interpreter in Pistoia - Giulia
€576/8 hours
Discount arrow -29 %
Interpreter in Florence, Bologna and other cities. I can help you master any type of spoken interaction by eliminating language barriers in your face-to-face and conference meetings. Specialties: simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage and liaison interpreting German <> Italian and English <> Italian.
Interpreter in Pistoia - Elena
€320/8 hours
Discount arrow -43 %
Italian translator and interpreter with experience both in conference and liaison interpreting for the combinations English <> Italian and German <> Italian. I'm available for assignments in Italy and abroad.
Interpreter in Pistoia - Elisa
€480/8 hours
Full-time Qualified Conference & Ad-Hoc Interpreter/Translator (ITALIAN, ENGLISH, GERMAN, FRENCH, RUSSIAN) in Florence since 2009. Authorized Tourist Tour Leader.
Interpreter in Pistoia - Alice
€440/8 hours
I attended several schools in different cities and countries: -SSML Carlo Bo of Florence - Bachelor's Degree in Linguistic Mediation -ISTI of Brussels - Bachelor's Degree in Interpretation and Translation -UCC of Cork - Erasmus for 4 months -UNINT of Rome - Master's Degree in Interpreting and Translation
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Interpreter in Pistoia - Mohamad
€240/8 hours
Discount arrow -14 %
Freelance interpreter with more than 10 years experience, working in Arabic-English-Italian translation and interpretation in various fields