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Interpreter in Odessa - Alla
$128/8 hours
Discount arrow -33 %
From May 2002 to the present time I am a freelance translator.
Interpreter in Odessa - Tatyana
$82.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -33 %
Professional interpreter (10 years of experience) & tour guide for foreigners who need a personal assistant/interpreter during travels to Ukraine. Offer per hour/daily services of consecutive interpreting at events of any type, arrangement of your long or short-term stay in Odessa, business support, accompaniment, assistance of any kind.
Interpreter in Odessa - Liliya
$204.0/8 hours
I PROVIDE FOLLOWING SERVICES: ​ ​Interpreter Services & Assistance, Investigation/Research Sightseeing Tours & Guide's Services, Airport Pick Up & Drop Off, Accommodation,  Mobile Phone & Sim Card rental, Car Rental,  Yacht Rental/ Yacht Parties, Party Managing, Flowers & Gifts Delivery, Food Delivery.
Interpreter in Odessa - Andreï
$214.0/8 hours
I am a workaholic multi-languages interpreter and translator. Language and communication are the thing I'm really good at. I am very flexible and can adapt to any circumstances. I have mainly worked with business, industry, tourism and culture in Odessa and Kiev.
Interpreter in Odessa - Svetlana
$163.0/8 hours
I have skills in literary translation
Interpreter in Odessa - Amina
$123.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -20 %
More than 3 years of experience as consecutive and simultaneous interpreter in Odessa. Interpretation, translation, technical lexicon, legal lexicon, business correspondence, participation in negotiations, interpretation at exhibitions, the personal assistant (assistant).
Interpreter in Odessa - Oleg
$72.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -36 %
translator interpreter copywriter teacher
Interpreter in Odessa - Irina
$327.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -14 %
Qualitative Russian, Greek, English translator/interpreter. 8 years' experience in various fields of interpretation (tourism, commerce, etc.) in large Greek companies (including at business negotiations and the international exhibitions). High sense of responsibility, accuracy and accuracy of interpretation. Russian is native language.
Interpreter in Odessa - Ekaterina
$104/8 hours
Discount arrow -43 %
Aims 1) to avoid misunderstandings 2) to provide accurate intercultural communication. I have an excellent command of English and an ability to interact well with people. I am an outgoing, punctual and responsible person. I used to work on business meetings as well as being a guide-support interpreter. English, German tutor.
Interpreter in Odessa - Vladislav
$235.0/8 hours
Top-level interpreter in Marseille with 10 years' work experience. I provide interpreting, translation, consultancy and guide services for international clients including private visitors, businessmen, tourists and multinational corporations Languages: French, Ukrainian, English, Russian, Spanish.
Interpreter in Odessa - Daria
$154.0/8 hours
I have studied consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at master's level at the university. My native languages are Ukrainian and Russian, I work with English and German. My experience up to date includes several interpreting assignments. I am familiar with general social and political vocabulary and, to some extent, with legal terms.
Interpreter in Odessa - Inna
$102.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -33 %
4 years work experience in state company Black Sea Shipbuilding Yard as translator. 2 years of work experience in private hotel as administrator. In present time I am an English teacher for little kids in Early English Center in Nikolaev.
Interpreter in Odessa - Anzhelika
$316.0/8 hours
Professional consecutive & simultaneous interpreter with 13+ years of profound experience. Available for travel.
Interpreter in Odessa - Olga
$113.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -31 %
A multi-skilled, reliable interpreter, with a proven ability to convert information from a source language to a target language, and to obtain pieces of information both from verbal and non-verbal sources. Flexible in the ability to adapt to challenges when they arise, at the same time remaining aware of professional roles & boundaries.
Interpreter in Odessa - Galina
$183.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -10 %
More than 8 years of experience as consecutive and simultaneous interpreter in Kiev. Interpretation, translation, technical lexicon, legal lexicon, business correspondence, participation in negotiations, interpretation at exhibitions, the personal assistant (assistant).
Interpreter in Odessa - Maria
$316.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -16 %
I've been using English for years since 2000 providing all kind of translation including oral and written. Since I've been working in defferent spheres including food, health, marketing, sales, filmmaking, journalism, etc, I used my English skills in all of them.
Interpreter in Odessa - Aleksander
$133.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -13 %
Interpreter job totally FOR FREE, but only for Chinese and foreign businessman who are on business trip in Ukraine.
Interpreter in Odessa - Max
$306.0/8 hours
Native Russian, fluent Ukrainian, solid knowledge of business and legal English, Russian and Ukrainian terminology. Seven plus years of translation, interpreting experience, and a decade of professional work in USA and Ukraine.
Interpreter in Odessa - Natalia
$316.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -26 %
Russian - English / Spanish / Italian freelance interpreter in Kiev with more than 20 years of experience in translation and interpretation
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