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Interpreter in Nice - Valentine
$607.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -15 %
Interpreter Nice, France in with over 15 years of experience at negotiations, exhibitions, conferences. Interpreter from Russian into English, from Russian into German, from English into German, from Russian into French.
Interpreter in Nice - Elena
$490.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -12 %
Interpreter in Nice, France with over 11 years of experience at negotiations, exhibitions, conferences. Interpreter from Russian into English, from Russian into French, from English into French.
Interpreter in Nice - Paula
$303.0/8 hours
interpretation for doctors, lawyers, community, hospital staff court and medical interpreter from/to English-Italian medical interpreter from/to English-French and French-Italian translator from/to English-French and from/to English-Italian accredited court interpreter since 1993 up to present.
Interpreter in Nice - Alexandra
$254.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -16 %
Translate or interpret doesn't mean to replace one word with another, but to adapt the text, the speech for public. It is one of the most important competences of the translator, and mine in particular. I am perfect in French, English and Russian. I can do interpretations to various subjects, the main specialization - economy and finance.
Interpreter in Nice - Kira
$392.0/8 hours
Guide and interpreter in Paris, working with English-French-Russian interpretation and translation. I offer interpretation services in the field of fashion, textile industry, construction, education. Also I have experience and knowledge of the fashion industry.
Interpreter in Nice - Anastasia
$294.0/8 hours
Professional interpreter in Italy and all over Europe since 2007. Russian, English and Italian. Russian - mother tongue. Italian - native speaker proficiency. English - full professional proficiency. Spoken French, basic Spanish. Experience in real estate. Consecutive/conference interpreting and chuchotage. Sworn translations.
Interpreter in Nice - Zhanna
$440/8 hours
Discount arrow -17 %
Legal, business, oil and gas, marketing, medical, pharmaceutical, technical, literary, media-related, governmental, international affairs, security and military, defense, science, theatre and arts, IT, computer software, social media, analytics, asylum interviews, immigration. Flexible scheduling and reasonable rates.
Interpreter in Nice - Catherine
$764.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -6 %
I am the professional private interpreter, working with the English, Russian and French interpretation and translation in Cannes, Nice, and Monaco. I am qualified interpreter (DPSI) for English and French languages, BA degree in English and French languages. My second degree (MSc.) - in Business Administration and Consulting.
Interpreter in Nice - Vladislav
$323.0/8 hours
Top-level interpreter in Marseille with 10 years' work experience. I provide interpreting, translation, consultancy and guide services for international clients including private visitors, businessmen, tourists and multinational corporations Languages: French, Ukrainian, English, Russian, Spanish.
Interpreter in Nice - Kateryna
$587.0/8 hours
Experienced conference interpreter in France. I provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at conferences, seminars, marketing events, meetings, festivals, during negotiations, for visiting delegations and during safety commissions. I am based in Marseille, France, but I can easily travel all over Europe and other countries.
Interpreter in Nice - Berge
$612.0/8 hours
English - French interpreter based in Marseille provides interpretation services at exhibitions, conference, business meetings in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Monaco, Nice and Paris
Interpreter in Nice - Irina
$598.0/8 hours
Interpreter in Marseille, France with over 10 years of experience at negotiations, exhibitions, conferences. Interpreter from French to English, English to Russian, from Russian into French.
Interpreter in Nice - Sheng Teng
Sheng Teng
$303.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -26 %
Hi, nice to meet you all! :) I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I can speak six languages, with English and Japanese being my two strongest. The other languages are, in order of proficiency, Cantonese, Mandarin, French, and Malay.