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Interpreter in Maracaibo - Joan Manuel
Joan Manuel
€530.0/7 hours
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I am professional interpreter in Maracaibo, working with English-Spanish and Spanish-English interpretation and translation.
Interpreter in Maracaibo - Edwing
€639.0/7 hours
English - Spanish freelance interpreter in Maracaibo - Venezuela
Interpreter in Maracaibo - Elizabeth
€96.0/7 hours
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Professional Interpreter. +30 years working in Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpretation. • Energy. Oil & Gas (Upstream and Downstream). Mining. • Machinery, Metal mechanics, Assembly, Turbines. • Corrosion, Civil Engineering. • Medicine, Pharmaceuticals. • Market Research, Focus Groups.
Interpreter in Maracaibo - Gloria
€259/7 hours
I would like to work here because trasnlating is my passion. I have studied French, and Italian, also.
Interpreter in Maracaibo - Diego
€115.0/7 hours
I am very much in love with the language and honestly, I just need a way to earn a few extra bucks since I live in Venezuela and my family is somewhat depending on me and on what I can provide.
Interpreter in Maracaibo - Daniel
€32.0/7 hours
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I was an exchange student who lived 1 year in USA and after that, returned to my country and started Electronic Engineering in Venezuela until my graduation in 2008. During 20 years I've been both interpreter and translator for people from USA, Canada, South Korea, Northern Ireland and spanish speakers, in Venezuela and abroad.