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Interpreter in Jeddah - Abdullah
$336/8 hours
Discount arrow -13 %
More than 2 years of experience as consecutive and simultaneous interpreter in Jeddah. Interpretation, translation, technical lexicon, legal lexicon, business correspondence, participation in negotiations, interpretation at exhibitions, the personal assistant (assistant).
Interpreter in Jeddah - Hassan
$664/8 hours
Interpreter at Vinnell Arabia for the Saudi Arabian National Guard Modernization Program – College of General Staff and Command. •Transferring Human Genes into Animals, •The 6th Annual Kingdom e-Government Summit, •The United Nations 2014 Language Competitive Examination
Interpreter in Jeddah - Murad
$303.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -8 %
Many duties of medical and dental articles translations from English, Spanish to Italian and Arabic in both ways. More than 10 years in trade and business dealing medical gemological and industrial items. More than 10 years translating many medical pharmaceutical and trade documents and articles between languages than I speak fluently.
Interpreter in Jeddah - Saad
$503.0/8 hours
I enjoy interpreting and give it the time and preparation it requires to make the outcome up to standards.
Interpreter in Jeddah - AbdElhakim
$268/8 hours
Discount arrow -16 %
11 years' total work experience in large international company in Sudan and 4 years' experience in a private Company in KSA like STC. I provide all types of interpretation and translation, including corporate negotiations. I have considerable experience of interpretation in legal area and economy.
Interpreter in Jeddah - Yaser
$224/8 hours
Discount arrow -15 %
I have a clear, logical mind with a practical approach to problem solving and a drive to see things through to completion. I have a great eye for detail. I am eager to learn, I enjoy overcoming challenges, and I have a genuine interest in people's relations.
Interpreter in Jeddah - Ahmed
$704/8 hours
Interpreter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from Arabic into English Simultaneous Interpretation at meetings. Accumulative score: good