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About interpreters in Hangzhou

What cases?

Interpreters/translators services in Hangzhou (China) are needed in many cases. First of all that is interpreting at negotiations or exhibitions, visits to local companies or factories. Translators/interpreters in Hangzhou (China) are needed to visit at conferences, seminars, presentations. Interpreting services in Hangzhou clinics aren't less popular. In most cases an interpreter is the irreplaceable assistant. There are translators/interpreters in Hangzhou (China) with various qualifications, experience, a combination of target languages and services rates on this page, therefore you can order interpretation/translation services for any cases.

How to choose?

All translators/interpreters in Hangzhou (China) published on can provide interpreting at negotiations, exhibitions or accompany you during your trip in Hangzhou (China) and also translation services. You can choose an interpreter in Hangzhou (China) provided interpreting services at conferences or seminars, if you need interpreting services at conferences or seminars with simultaneous interpretation and special equipment. For interpreting at medical centers it is better to address interpreters of the corresponding profile providing interpreting service at clinics.

Hangzhou translators/interpreters are providing English-Chinese consecutive, simultaneous interpreting and also translation services. Other combinations of target languages are available as well in

Many interpreters in Hangzhou (China) can offer additional services such as picking up at the airport, transfer by own or rented car, services of a city guide and consultant on various questions. Such services may be included in the rates or be paid additionally. This must be agreed in advance.

To get the best quality, choose a Hangzhou interpreter/translator having experience in specialization needed for you or similar subject. It is important, if you provide documents, your website links, your partners website links or other resources helping interpreters to prepare and to provide the best interpreting quality.


Translators/interpreters in Hangzhou (China) get an expert assessment of, verify a phone number and an e-mail address, provide documents on education and an identity card, and also have excellent customer reviews who have made and paid orders by

How to order?

To order services, select a translator/interpreter in Hangzhou (China) that best suits your case. Send a message with a preliminary request through the "Contact interpreter" form on the interpreter page. In the request, indicate the date (s) and time when you need an interpreter, languages, subject and type of event, so that the interpreter confirms the possibility of working at your event. Then you can book the indicated date and discuss with the interpreter the details of the work.

25 from 53 interpreters in Hangzhou are available for order

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Interpreter in Hangzhou - Selina
€126.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -40 %
More than 7 years of experience as consecutive and simultaneous interpreter. Interpretation, translation, technical lexicon, legal lexicon, business correspondence, participation in negotiations, interpretation at exhibitions, the personal assistant (assistant).
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Saidakbar
€101.0/8 hours
I provide guide and interpreter services in Hangzhou and other cities in the China Other services and consultations by agreement. ALL services of an interpreter, guide, and representative in China.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Alice
€116.0/8 hours
Experienced English-Chinese interpreter / translator based in Hangzhou, east China. Provide interpretaion/translation service across China for business and tour guiding service in Hangzhou.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Ariel
€100.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -35 %
One Stop Service Provider / Buying Agent / Business assistant / Interpreter / Local Tour guide / Sourcing / Logistic in Guangzhou / Foshan / Zhongshan / and other cities in China.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Faye
€209.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -4 %
Hello~ My name is Faye, I am a senior interpreter based in Shanghai, China. My master degree specializing in English Translation. In my postgraduate study, I have participated in interpretation projects and select CAT and SDL Trados course as well as simutaneous interpretation method. Look forward to seeing you here! Faye
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Zhu Lin
Zhu Lin
€127.0/8 hours
Freelance interpreter in Qingdao - China, working with English - Chinese - Chinese languages in various fields
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Arevik
€182.0/8 hours
Certified interpreter in Shanghai with over five years’ of experience in translation and interpretation field. Possesses excellent fluency in verbal and written Chinese, English and Russian. Proficiency in English (TOEFL Certification) Proficiency in Chinese (HSK 6 Certification) Bachelor’s degree in Logistics Management.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Sony
€218.0/8 hours
Professional Business Interpreter and translator, available work in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou... all over China.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Qinqin
€182.0/8 hours
Consecutive interpreting between English and Chinese (Mandarin) with solid international trading background in many industries over the last 8 years.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Paul
€545.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -25 %
I have rich interpretation experience in China and abroad. I have interpreted for many government officials, business leaders and academics. I provide all types of interpretation and translation, including simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and corporate negotiations.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Eva
€197.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -55 %
Over 10 years experience, master's degree in international business, bachelor's degree in biology science, graduated from Nanjing Agriculture university. Near native fluency in English, experienced Chinese-English interpreter, published writer, available for a wide range of specialized fields in agriculture, trading, legal, finance, educ.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Jack
€139.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -5 %
I have been providing services of translation, products-sourcing, QC, export assistance and so on for hundreds of clients from more than 30 different countries in the past 6 years. Also I had travelled to 8 foreign countries for translation and marketing works
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Pelayo
€178.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -11 %
Spanish - English/Chinese/English freelance interpreter in Shanghai
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Jason
€618.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -32 %
Professional interpreter and translator speaking business sense and language. Over 4-year work experiences as consecutive and simultaneous interpreter, and translator in the fields of arts industry, healthcare and business sectors.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Baixing
€324.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -40 %
Experienced consecutive/simultaneous Chinese-English Interpreter in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other cities in China with professional training and a heart to learn
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Shuai
€276.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -17 %
English & Chinese Interpreter in Shanghai , China
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Hui Kang
Hui Kang
€254.0/8 hours
I am a chinese Malaysian currently living in China since 2014. Before this, I have been living in UK, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia etc and worked as a freelance interpreter. I helped many chinese people to carry out business negotiation and also translation during trade shows in many countries (London, Frankfurt, Kuala Lumpur etc).
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Amy
€182.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -17 %
I listen to English Radio every day, My English is very good. My career covers computer software and hardware, semiconductor, Lidar, optics. so I have confidence that I can help my guest in professional field.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Yinhanxiao
€525.0/8 hours
1. Professionally trained with a master in interpretation and a Professional Diploma in Conference Interpreting (recognized by EU, UN and AIIC). 2. Experienced as a freelance interpreter, offering services to World Internet Conference, Confucius Institute Conference, SH International Film Festival, SH International Arts Festival, etc.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Sophia
€134.0/8 hours
1. Fluent speaking and writing English. 2. Rich experience for visiting factories , business sourcing and negotiation price etc. 3. Familiar with import and export customs. can help shipping your products to aboard by Sea or By Air. 7. Private tour guide in different cities 9. Exhibition translator or interpreter service.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Cathy
€100.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -5 %
I'm a professional translator/interpreter/tour guide/sourcing agent/QC/event planning provider in Shanghai China. I do mostly simultaneous interpretation for business meetings, training, road show, symposia, press release etc, and also factory visiting, exhibition, business negotiation, I have many years experience and fluent English.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Alice
€254.0/8 hours
My name is Alice, I'm an experienced Business assistant, Tour guide, Sourcing agent, Factory visiting, Goods Inspector and Price negotiator based in Shanghai China. Good at communication and expression. Fluency in English(written and spoken)
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Hamzah Bai
Hamzah Bai
€63.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -25 %
Obtained Master degree in English speaking countries, fluent in both English and Chinese Mandarin. Two years living together with roommates from different countries, I’m able to understand English with different deep accent.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Maksim
€146.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -33 %
I have a high level of active written and spoken Chinese and English.
Interpreter in Hangzhou - Mike
€105.0/8 hours
Currently, I work as an interpreter in an American biopharmaceutical consulting company.  My responsibilities include: GMP Audit Interpretation, covered a dozen of capital cities across China; Seminar Preparation; Aseptic process training; Document translation. Before that, I used to be a foreign trade specialist after graduation.