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Interpreter in Bucharest - Valentin
$254.0/8 hours
Hi My name is Valentin - if you speak French and want to make an investement in Romania do use my services in order to succeed.
Interpreter in Bucharest - Atena
$362.0/8 hours
As an interpreter in Bucharest with over 25 years experience I can ensure services for simultaneous, consecutive and couchotage interpreting for English, French, Italian and Portuguese into Romanian as well as directly from English into French and Italian.
Interpreter in Bucharest - Dragos
$392.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -5 %
15 years of consecutive and simultaneous interpretations. 7 regional projects on various topics. Numerous one-day work requests. As a professional freelance interpreter in Bucharest I usually work with the language pairs German – English - Romanian (both ways).
Interpreter in Bucharest - Fratu
$206.0/8 hours
German - romanian - english freelance interpreter in Bucharest
Interpreter in Bucharest - Tudor
$187.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -10 %
Interpreter from Romanian into German, from English into French from Romanian into Italian in Bucharest Rumania.
Interpreter in Bucharest - Ioana Madalina
Ioana Madalina
$206.0/8 hours
9 years of experience as a freelance interpreter for Romanian <>English/French, with an MA in Conference Interpreting. I have worked for various private companies (from the pharma sector, oil&gas, clothes manufacturing), NGOs (child protection and law-enforcement), law-enforcement agencies and public institutions.
Interpreter in Bucharest - Iolanda
$196.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -20 %
Freelance interpreter in Bucharest. Languages: Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, French, English, Spanish.
Interpreter in Bucharest - Anca
$367.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -6 %
If you need professional translation services in Russian or English, please, contact me in order to establish the details regarding your arrival in Romania. I am official interpreter with the Ministry of Justice and professional tour guide. Looking forward to hearing from you!
Interpreter in Bucharest - Simona
$598.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -8 %
Romanian mother-tongue interpreter and translator, based in Italy, qualified Court interpreter (CTU), University degree in Economics, also a member of AITI ( takes regular part in various seminars for linguists and interpreters). Fields of expertise: economics, financial, marketing and business, but also medical and legal
Interpreter in Bucharest - Petre
$340.0/8 hours
Freelancence, 2001 to 2014 present: Extensive Legal and Conference work on interpreting contracts with UK's Mininistry of Justice, HM’s Courts and Tribunals; London Metropolitan Police; Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey Police; Home Office, UK Border Agency; EUROPOL, EU Police, The Hague, Netherlands
Interpreter in Bucharest - Alexandra
$245.0/8 hours
Interpreter in Hamburg, Germany. From Romanian into English and from Romanian into German translation and interpretation.
Interpreter in Bucharest - John
$209.0/8 hours
Freelance experienced interpreter in Edinburgh (United Kingdom), working with French - English, Romanian - French, Romanian - German, Romanian - English concecutive and simultaneous interpretation in various fields
Interpreter in Bucharest - Xenia
$275.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -36 %
My name is Xenia and I am a professional interpreter. With a background of 3 years in finance and banking (Bachelor), 2 years in legal translations (Master) I could not settle for less then developing my own business project.
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Interpreter in Bucharest - Vlad
$176.0/8 hours
In 2003 I graduated from Journalism in Chisinau (Moldova) and moved to Bucharest, where I presently work as a freelance interpreter.