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About interpreters in Bogota

What cases?

There are interpreters in Bogota with different qualification, experience, a combination of target languages and services rates on this page therefore you can make an order a interpreting service at a meeting with the colombian partners, at visit of exhibitions, conferences, for personal accompaniment in Bogota and any other cases.

How to choose?

All interpreters in Bogota published in can provide interpreting at a meeting, at an exhibition or accompany during all trip in Bogota. You can choose an interpreter provided interpreting services at conference or a seminar, if you need interpreting services at conference or a seminar with use of simultaneous interpretation and the special equipment.

Interpreters in Bogota are providing English-Spanish consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. Other combinations of target languages are available as well in For obtaining the best quality, choose an interpreter having experience in specialization needed to you or similar subject. It is important, if you are providing documents, your site links, your partners site links or other resources helping the interpreter to prepare and to provide the best interpreting quality.


Interpreters in Bogota are geting an expert assessment in, verifying a phone number and an e-mail address, providing documents on education and an identity card, and also have excellent customer reviews who have made and paid the order via

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Interpreter in Bogota - Ruben
$256/8 hours
20 years of work experience in simultaneous translation. Have participated in international business negotiations between Colombian entrepreneurs and foreign investors. Have worked in different forums and seminars in the fields of business, marketing, oil industry legal and more. Accompaintment to international diplomatic missions.
Interpreter in Bogota - Carmen
$136/8 hours
Translator with more than 5 years of experience in Bogota and other major cities of the country. Expert in art, culture and contemporary life of Bogotá. C1 certificate From the Brittish council. Expertise in tourism guidance.
Interpreter in Bogota - Martin
$104/8 hours
Since, I took a course in 1998 at the Meyer Institute in Cali, Valle del Cauca-Colombia my experience with English language has been a kind of aventure due to I´ve worked with different kind of educational institutes and in other fields as tourism and finally as Interpretation. Those experiences have given me chances to use the language.
Interpreter in Bogota - Andrew
$536/8 hours
Discount arrow -47 %
Native bilingual interpreter since 2000 in the UK; working in Colombia since 2011. Broad simultaneous and consecutive interpreting experience at conferences, exhibitions, and business meetings. Fields of expertise include: IT, foreign trade, oil and gas, marketing, law, government, etc.
Interpreter in Bogota - Fabian
$120/8 hours
Discount arrow -6 %
I like to live my life with joy always positive with what I do enjoy a lot is to watch movies and play video games sometimes I get addicted playing so much and well now in days what gives me always a big smile and gives me all the days is Ariana my daughter for her I want to makemy world great forher tolive
Interpreter in Bogota - William
$168/8 hours
Discount arrow -19 %
Spanish - english freelance interpreter in Bogota (Colombia). Meetings, conferences, exhibitions, visits to plants, etc.
Interpreter in Bogota - Cristhian
$200/8 hours
Discount arrow -29 %
I have had the great opportunity to work as an independent interpreter in different places and with foreigners in my city for more than 2 years, and in multinational companies I have had positions such as marketing coordinator and area chief, where I had to interact with English speakers. I lived in England for a year it was cool.
Interpreter in Bogota - Laura Victoria
Laura Victoria
$264/8 hours
I worked as a English Teacher and also I know very well my city and my country for several touristic guide, also I work as a interpretor for several band here in Bogota, Colombia in terms of load in and load out, I like translate written documents English-Spanish-English
Interpreter in Bogota - Walter
$576/8 hours
Experience in Simultaneus Interpretation. Around Five years in the industry, experience in Accounting, Finance, Banking, Inssurance, Technology, Politics, oil and gas, Medicine, Architecture, Comuncations, Couching,among others.
Interpreter in Bogota - Juan
$316.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -16 %
I am professional private interpreter, working with English-Spanish and Spanish-English interpretation and translation in the city of Bogota (Colombia) and in the nearest cities.
Interpreter in Bogota - Bruno
$120/8 hours
I'm the one people usually call when they need a live interpreter. I specialize in English-Spanish live interpretations but have a working knowledge of Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, which come in handy during trade fairs where our customers can't speak English.
Interpreter in Bogota - Jenny Carolina
Jenny Carolina
$200/8 hours
More than 15 years work experience in private practice, providing services on translation and interpretation in Bogota, Colombia. 5,8 years experience working for the Swiss Embassy, assisting translations and interpretations.
Interpreter in Bogota - Rudolph
$82.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -11 %
Professional bilingual education with training, an expert in educational and academic processes, leadership and assertive management in educational organizations. Experience in interpretation in English language - Spanish in private meetings. Social Studies Degree and Master of Education Degree.
Interpreter in Bogota - Dilia
$280/8 hours
Discount arrow -13 %
I have been in the simultaneous translation industry for over than three years, I have worked with companies worlwide in topics such as: business development, leadership, finance, economy, banking, public sector, army, among others.
Interpreter in Bogota - Christian
$168/8 hours
Italian - spanish - english freelance translator and interpreter in Bogota, Colombia.
Interpreter in Bogota - Angela
$168/8 hours
A multilingual interpreter in Bogota, Colombia more than 6 years experience in consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.
Interpreter in Bogota - Juan
$120/8 hours
Discount arrow -6 %
Private Interpreter, more than 5 years experience, working with English-Spanish and Spanish-English interpretation and translation in Colombia. Experience in Accounting, Finance, Banking, Inssurance, Technology, Petroleum, Marketing, Goverment etc.
Interpreter in Bogota - Patricia
$240/8 hours
Discount arrow -14 %
More than 20 years of experience as consecutive and simultaneous interpreter in Bogota. Interpretation, translation, technical lexicon, legal lexicon, business correspondence, participation in negotiations, interpretation at exhibitions, the personal assistant (assistant).
Interpreter in Bogota - Bryant
$112/8 hours
Discount arrow -13 %
I am professional interpreter, working with English-Spanish and Spanish-English interpretation and translation in the city of Bogota and in the surrounding areas. I am qualified interpreter in English, I am currently studying political science in the national university of Colombia
Interpreter in Bogota - Antonio
$154.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -25 %
I am professional private interpreter, working with English-Spanish and Spanish-English interpretation and translation in the city of Bogota (Colombia) and in the nearest cities
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