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Interpreter in Alicante - Noel Sanchez
Noel Sanchez
$551.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -8 %
Freelance interpreter in Alicante, Spain. Languages: Catalan, Spanish, Italian, French, English.
Interpreter in Alicante - Olga
$306.0/8 hours
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Freelance interpreter in Alicante (Spain). Languages: Russian - English - Spanish-Ukrainian
Interpreter in Alicante - Марина
$347.0/8 hours
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С 2010 года работаю в качестве внештатного (ИП) переводчика в Валенсии с выездом по запросу в Мадрид, Барселону и другие города Испании. Предлагаю услуги перевода на переговорах, конференциях, выставках, учебных семинарах, презентациях, интервью и.т.п.
Interpreter in Alicante - Ioana
$561.0/8 hours
Professional freelance interpreter and translator since 2008. I provide all types of interpretation and translation services in different knowledge areas. Specific experience in legal, trade, corporate and industrial areas.
Interpreter in Alicante - Sonia
$459.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -13 %
Hello! I am Sonia, a professional interpreter and translator. I have an European Master in Public Services Interpreting. I also have experience as a freelance interpreter working for companies and institutions such as OFILINGUA, Alide Interpreters, University of Alcalá de Henares or the British Consulate in Murcia . ​
Interpreter in Alicante - Montserrat
$664.0/8 hours
I am a freelance conference interpreter based in Barcelona. I offer simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpretation. My main fields of expertise are the automotive industry, law & finance, environment, culture and museums, gastronomy and tourism. I am passionate about languages and intercultural communication. I love my job!
Interpreter in Alicante - Abdelkarim
$765.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -50 %
I am a native speaker of Spanish, Arabic, and Berber (Tarifit Dialect, common in Northern Morocco). My nationality is Moroccan, but I have been "raised" in a Spanish institute (Instituto Español Lope de Vega, Nador, Morocco), which allowed me to live in a multilingual environment since my childhood (ES-AR-FR-BER).
Interpreter in Alicante - Andrea
$1459.0/8 hours
Discount arrow -13 %
I am a full-time freelance translator and conference interpreter. My language combinations include English/Spanish/Catalan into French, English/French/Catalan into Spanish and English/Spanish/French into Catalan. I am based in Barcelona but I am available for assignments worlwide.