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Interpreter in Belgrade - Slavica
€160/8 hours
Discount arrow -20 %
34 years work experience in international companies in Serbia and Italy, with a considerable experience in interpretation of technical documents, drawings etc. All types of interpretation and translation.
Interpreter in Belgrade - Andrea
€208/8 hours
Discount arrow -16 %
English - serbian freelance interpreter in Belgrade - Serbia
Interpreter in Belgrade - Ivana
€128/8 hours
Discount arrow -36 %
Working as a documentary author, host and journalist for over 12 years Currently working on a project with Embassy of Australia in Serbia Translating from Serbian to English and vice versa actively for 10 years
Interpreter in Belgrade - Jelica
€152/8 hours
6 years' work experience in Chinese-English-Croatian-Serbian interpretation. I provide consecutive interpretation and translation, including at corporate negotiations. I have experience of interpretation in different areas.
Interpreter in Belgrade - Jelena
€312/8 hours
Freelance English/Serbian translator/interpreter in Belgrade, Serbia
Interpreter in Belgrade - Danijela
€300/8 hours
Discount arrow -25 %
3 years' work experience in large international companies and 4 years' experience of private interpretation practice. I provide all types of consecutive interpretation and translation, including at corporate negotiations. I have considerable experience of interpretation in business and economy.
Interpreter in Belgrade - Nenad
€88/8 hours
Discount arrow -31 %
Interpreter in Belgrade, Serbia with over 8 years of experience at negotiations, exhibitions, conferences. Interpreter from Russian into English, from English into Serbian.
Interpreter in Belgrade - Irena
€200/8 hours
More than 16 years of experience as a consecutive and simultaneous interpreter both in large international companies and in private interpretation practice. I provide all types of interpretation and translation, including at corporate negotiations and conferences. Passionate about work and helping clients reach their business goals.
Interpreter in Belgrade - Ana
€400/8 hours
I have worked as a translator for more than 10 years, with expertise in medical and legal terminology. As a part of my job, I consecutively translate meetings, conferences and events, while my experience in simultaneous translation is rich in terms of focus groups and smaller conferences. I am also a court certified translator.
Interpreter in Belgrade - Labinot
€400/8 hours
Discount arrow -31 %
15 years of experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and written translation and proofreading
Interpreter in Belgrade - Bojana
€200/8 hours
Discount arrow -29 %
Work successfully under pressure; have handled a full load of assignments at work and freelance consecutive and simultaneous translation. Strong social and presentational skills; comfortable and flexible with a variety of people.